I am WAY WAY behind in my art class, but I’m trying to persevere.  Here is my next assignment so far…

Next I have to do a color image of this picture and a collage.  This was just assignment 2!  I still have so much to do to catch up, but I hope to keep moving forward with this. 🙂


Hi Guys!  I’m taking an online Art Class and I’ll post my finished works here…

This week we were to take the 5 elements of Art/Drawing, take a photo and then apply those 5 elements to a drawing/painted representation of your photo.  The elements were Composition, Light, Texture, Color and Subject.

Here is the photo I chose:

I have a really hard time with Composition, Color, Light and Texture.  I am doing my best to just give in and let myself be a part of this class without too much negative thought.  So here is the first attempt and final assignment that I turned in today.

So there you go!  I’m going to try to post every Monday my final product from the class and hopefully we’ll see some progress.

Thanks for tuning in!

So…I was hoping that I could stay committed to this Doodle a Week gig, but it seems that ain’t happenin at the moment.  No excuses here, but…well…a few.  The Thanksgiving holidays came upon us with a bang and following the holiday is my daughter’s birthday and I stupidly decided to have it at home and craft most of the decorations!  What was I thinking!?  So I have been doing some crafty stuff, just not Doodle of the Week stuff.  I’m new to this “throw a party at your house and craft your decorations” thang so of course I neglected to get ANY pictures of the finished product before it was mauled by a band of crazed 3 year olds, but I did manage to take a few pictures of the banner I made for over the fire place.  I must give credit where credit is due, I got the inspiration from a wonderful design blog called Dandee Designs.  She’s amazing and crafts beautiful parties for her 5 children!  Yes, I said 5!  I can barely handle one and she Martha Stewart’s for 5!  That’s fodder for another blog, but let’s just check out what I was able to capture of my creation shall we?



I drew the letters and then my daughter painted over them with those dot paints.  I also created two giant 3’s to decorate the walls using poster board that I let her go to town on with water colors.  They came out really well, but of course not one photo.  Aaargh!!! I could maim myself, but that would hurt and then I’d have a hard time doodling and well….it would just be bad.  So…I have been doing something with my nights, just not doodling.

Hoping to have something up by the end of this week.  We shall see.  Thanks for sticking with me though.  I do appreciate it.

House with Trees

(taken with my iphone)

I know…I’m a week late posting.  I’ve just been so tired this week and to be honest, I wasn’t too thrilled with this project so it took me a while to complete it.  It’s the struggle of trying to post one a week, and/or getting something almost complete and then disliking it.  I am not as connected to this drawing as I have been to the past few, and so it goes. Onwards and upwards!

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Doodle a Week – Week 3

November 7, 2011

Just under the wire.  It is 10:16 (daylight savings is on my side) on Sunday night and I am finally finished with Week 3’s doodle entry.  Phew.  I’m so glad that I finished.  Statistics show that if you stick with something for at least 3 weeks, that you’re more likely to continue with it than not.  So week 3 is complete, and I’m on my way to commitment.  Now without further adieu…  The Elephant.

**I reserve the right to all content and drawings on this blog and they are not for reproduction.  Please contact me if you’d like to reproduce them.***

Week 2 and I’m on track!  I thought maybe I’d explain all the circles before I post this next doodle. My almost 3 year old daughter is starting to really enjoy drawing, and it’s the one activity that she can sit and do for a good 30 or 4o minutes.  Some days she’ll sit and meticulously draw little scribble circles and sneak a happy face or two in there for good measure.  So amidst all the scribbles and lines, there will be itty bitty thoughtful placement of these scribble circle/happy faces.  It’s awesome to watch her create these masterpieces.  When I told my Mom about this she informed me that when I was her age I would sit for long periods of time and just draw circles all over a page.  Little itty bitty circles, and I’d cover an entire page with them.  This got me thinking…I wonder what it would look like if I drew images completely from circles, and so I did.  I started with the tree, I’ll post the orginal attempt at some point, then the turtle was last week, and this week is the giraffe.  So there you go. A circle-doodle.  Not as good as a snickerdoodle, but a little more fun to look at.

Taken with my iphone 

The first one is taken by my iphone around midnight last night when I completed the drawing, and the second one is done with help from my awesome graphic designer husband and manipulated a lil in photoshop. (You can click on each photo to make it larger.)

**I reserve the right to all content and drawings on this blog and they are not for reproduction.  Please contact me if you’d like to reproduce them.***

Doodle a Week…

October 20, 2011

So…I’m going to start adding a Doodle a Week to this completely inactive and haphazard blog that I started.  I hope by doing this it will start to show some progress in my doodling and open myself up to new possibilities.  The drawings are rough, they are photos taken with my new iPhone 4S and they are 1st attempts, well…they are what they are…

So here goes…

Doodle Numero Uno


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