Stomach bug and cankle…

August 23, 2008

So that’s me in that picture above.  I am officially 6 months pregnant, and doing really well to my astonishment.  I wasn’t sure how I’d be as a pregnant lady, but I find that I don’t even really notice my ever increasing mid-section until I get dressed most mornings.  It’s the trying to squeeze into my now shrinking maternity clothes, that tends to remind me.  Often, when I’m just going about my day though, I’m tend to forget that I’m getting larger, which is great.  I know this is fleeting, and supposedly the joy of being in my 2nd tri-mester, but I tell you what…I’ll take it! 

I feel good much of the time and I’m working out regularly, which feels especially good.  I never thought I’d like Water Aerobics as much as I do, but I really really do.  It’s the bees knees!  I’m no longer the youngest in my class.  When I started a few months ago, it was just me and several older Irish ladies in their late 60’s early 70’s.  The classes were a bit tame, but sometimes we’d get a real go getter who’d whip us into a aerobic frenzy and really get our floating water noodles pumping!   Now there are a few sprightly young women in my class and we’ve actually become friends, which increases my enjoyment of the class even more.  They tend to take the class up to 11, but me, I’m still just taking my time with the older ladies and enjoying the 45 minutes of blissful movement in the water.  I’ve also started taking Pilates, which I must say is a lot harder than I imagined it would be.  I find it difficult to focus on squeezing my pelvic floor, while I’m holding a ring apparatus in between my legs, squeezing my legs together, while simultaneously lifting my rear end off of the floor.  My mind is good at multi-tasking, but this is beyond it’s capacity!  Needless to say, I also love the Pilates and the challenge of squeezing so many of my body parts at one time has me at least hooked until I master it completely!  So YAY! 

This week though I caught some stomach bug, which during pregnancy shouldn’t happen to anyone.  I woke up on Monday night frightened that I was going into false labour.  Of course the pains in my belly were no where near the area where pregnancy pains occur, but they were in my stomach, so of course my brain spiraled.  In my completely twisted brain, I didn’t first worry about the baby, the health of the baby, etc.  I instead worried that I’m not AT ALL ready to have the baby.  I haven’t cleaned out the cabinet where we plan to store the baby clothes, we haven’t even purchased the crib, stroller, car seat etc.  I went through the list of all that I haven’t accomplished several times before I began to spiral to the fact that what if the baby isn’t alright!  Organization over health I always say!  RIDICULOUS!  Anyway, once I was done spiraling, I was finally able to recognize that the pains in my stomach were more closely related to trapped wind than labour and I repositioned myself trying to dose off back to sleep. 

So, as this week passed, it seems, as I mentioned, that I caught a stomach bug.  I didn’t go to the doctor, because there isn’t much they can do.  I learned that there is something going around, and basically I’ve just been doing my best to stay hydrated, take it easy and eat bland foods till this passes.  I have an OB appt. next week for those of you who are worried…so don’t worry.  All is good.  I have been taking it easy though, like you wouldn’t believe.  Feet up, watching too much TV and parousing the Internet.  I am totally on top of all of the Hollywood gossip, ask me anything.  I don’t need to go to PerezHilton to check it out.  It’s now stored up in those compartments of my brain where I keep useless and trivial information. 

With my keen celebrity trivia in tact, all this relaxing has heightened my basic observation skills due to a lack of interesting things to focus on.  Anyway, what I’ve noticed as I’ve been sitting with my feet up for the entire week is, that only my right foot and ankle tend to swell.  It’s not even warm in Dublin at the moment.  It’s actually rainy and frickn’ freezing!  So I would think there shouldn’t be any swelling!  But, no my weird body is like that.  One sided swelling. I have CANKLE!  It’s not huge swelling, or painful, (not preaclampsia swelling) but to me it’s noticeable.  I notice that the baby tends to sit on my right side, and I’ve seen on the internet that other women have this same problem!  They are swelling only on the side where the baby tends to sit.  I thought it was unique to me, but when I typed it into Google, it came up on several pregnancy chat forums.  So, along with my stomach bug, I’ll bring this Cankle problem up to my doctor next week as well. 

My main man and I were joking around last night about my cankles.  I tend to get them in warm weather, pregnant or not.  You shoulda seen me in Mexico when we were there last summer.  I’m sure the copius amounts of tequila and near 100 degree weather didn’t help with water retention, but still…I was cankle-liscious!  We decided that I truly am going to be that shrinking old Jewish woman, with the giant swollen ankles and my chubby feet bulging out of my old lady shoes when I’m older.  Waddling through life on my cankles…seems like pregnancy is a precursor to my 80’s.  Oh what I have to look forward to!