I am WAY WAY behind in my art class, but I’m trying to persevere.  Here is my next assignment so far…

Next I have to do a color image of this picture and a collage.  This was just assignment 2!  I still have so much to do to catch up, but I hope to keep moving forward with this. 🙂


Hi Guys!  I’m taking an online Art Class and I’ll post my finished works here…

This week we were to take the 5 elements of Art/Drawing, take a photo and then apply those 5 elements to a drawing/painted representation of your photo.  The elements were Composition, Light, Texture, Color and Subject.

Here is the photo I chose:

I have a really hard time with Composition, Color, Light and Texture.  I am doing my best to just give in and let myself be a part of this class without too much negative thought.  So here is the first attempt and final assignment that I turned in today.

So there you go!  I’m going to try to post every Monday my final product from the class and hopefully we’ll see some progress.

Thanks for tuning in!