Doodle a Week: Week 2 – Giraffe

October 27, 2011

Week 2 and I’m on track!  I thought maybe I’d explain all the circles before I post this next doodle. My almost 3 year old daughter is starting to really enjoy drawing, and it’s the one activity that she can sit and do for a good 30 or 4o minutes.  Some days she’ll sit and meticulously draw little scribble circles and sneak a happy face or two in there for good measure.  So amidst all the scribbles and lines, there will be itty bitty thoughtful placement of these scribble circle/happy faces.  It’s awesome to watch her create these masterpieces.  When I told my Mom about this she informed me that when I was her age I would sit for long periods of time and just draw circles all over a page.  Little itty bitty circles, and I’d cover an entire page with them.  This got me thinking…I wonder what it would look like if I drew images completely from circles, and so I did.  I started with the tree, I’ll post the orginal attempt at some point, then the turtle was last week, and this week is the giraffe.  So there you go. A circle-doodle.  Not as good as a snickerdoodle, but a little more fun to look at.

Taken with my iphone 

The first one is taken by my iphone around midnight last night when I completed the drawing, and the second one is done with help from my awesome graphic designer husband and manipulated a lil in photoshop. (You can click on each photo to make it larger.)

**I reserve the right to all content and drawings on this blog and they are not for reproduction.  Please contact me if you’d like to reproduce them.***


One Response to “Doodle a Week: Week 2 – Giraffe”

  1. Greg Bulmash Says:

    Now have your hubby show you how to convert it into a vector graphic using Adobe Illustrator’s tracing engine.

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