Ireland, can FLUSH IT!!!

August 14, 2008

Now, I’m not one to harp on Ireland.  There are a few things I find challenging and I’ve written about them in a witty and forgiving way, but today…IRELAND CAN FLUSH IT!!!!

Over the weekend, the flusher on my toilet broke off.  For the American’s reading this blog, the flushers on European toilets typically are on the top of the lid on the tank.  They’re like a button, rather than a handle.  When I went to flush one glorious morning, I pushed the whole button right into the the tank, leaving a hole on the top of my toilet where the flusher once happily sat.  With my swifty maneuvering, I finagled the flusher button to hang outside of the tank with the lid still on, and my toilet was working good as new.  Since there was no rush and all was still working, I had discussed with my husband that maybe I’d wait a week to call the plumber because I just wasn’t in the mood to be cooped up in the house all day waiting around for the plumber to come and fix my toilet, andmaybe if I gave it a week, I’d be more willing to sit around the following week. 

Well…Monday morning to my dismay, the toilet in our 2nd bathroom began acting up.  For some reason, after flushing, it took almost an hour for the tank to re-fill.  Since this is the bathroom my husband typically uses, I obliged and rang the management company of our “Awesomely located Ireland apartment” to report our very minor, non-urgent plumbing extravaganza!  To my surprise, a plumber called back within a few hours trying to organize a time to meet (see typically it might be a few days…so hours was a shocker!).  Since it wasn’t urgent, I was in no hurry.  So I understandingly listened as he told me that, …”well, it’s not so much trying to set up a time, as to explain to me why he was having a hard time setting up a time and, other clients needs and locations, and it’s going to be difficult to get out today etc, travel time from the North side is a nightmare, blah blah blah, can he come Wednesday evening around 7:00 pm.”  I’m thinking…AWESOME!  Wednesday at 7:00 pm is a set time, I know when to be home, I don’t have to wait around all day for him, and ultimately all toilets are still working with some minor adjustments and patience, so NO PROBLEMO!  See you at 7:00ish on Wednesday.  done, done and DONE!

So, 8:30 pm on Wednesday, the plumber shows up.  And the SAGA BEGINS!  Of course the toilet with the broken flusher is the old model that was cheaply made and they don’t make that button anymore, so he had to take apart my entire toilet, install a new flushing system, turn off our pump, drain all the water out of my toilet, caulk up the holes because the new system is smaller than the old one and, we’ll have to wait 24 hours before the caulking is dry.  Then onto the slow filling toilet.  Supposedly it was just dirt, blocking the pipe, but nope…something worse is wrong, somehow when they were testing it they discovered something drastically wrong with the toilet, it needs a new part, plus it wont stop running now and we have to turn on and off our pump if we want to flush or else the toilet is going to run, and run, and run all night.  This was all reported to us at 10:30 pm when he and his partner were done tearing apart my bathroom and making a mess that I would have to eventually clean. Oh, and,  “they’ll have to come back tomorrow with a new part for the other toilet, but they have to go get the part in the morning and can he call me tomorrow to set up a time to come by and, blah blah blah blah.” 

In his kindest way, my husband who knew I didn’t want to sit around this week waiting for repair men, tried to get Mr. Plumber to set a time that he’d be calling, and stopping in.   Of course his question was met with…, “well, I’ve got another call in this place tomorrow, and I have to stop and get the part and the North Side, and traffic, and blah blah blah blah blah. Can I call you in the morning to arrange a time?”  While Mr. Plumber went into his soliloquy of reason’s why he couldn’t set a time, I just shook my head and looked amusingly at my husband as he tried ever so hard to secure some semblance of an answer from Mr. Plumber.  I’ve been the one dealing with these men of the trade since we moved to Ireland, and I know this is just a waste of breath and time.  So when he was done talking, I knowingly just sighed, eyed my husband with reasurrance and said…”sure, I’ll be around tomorrow.”  And then I proceeded to cancel any appointments and things that I had scheduled for the following day.

11:30 AM today…I finally called the plumber because he hadn’t called to set up a time and because in my very kind and understanding brain, 1/2 an hour before noon is still considered morning so I’m cutting Mr. Plumber some slack.  We flushed the toilet with the caulking and so far no leaks, so that was good.  A positive!  I have something positive to report, hallelujah!  He answers, somewhat annoyed that I’ve called him, tells me… “he still has to go out to get the part, worked the graveyard shift last night, something about the Northside and some other appointments, blah blah blah blah blah,  he’ll call me later once he gets the part.”  Again, trying to be an understanding, full of good karma lady, I say…”sure!” and hang up the phone.

It’s now 4:15 pm and I haven’t heard a peep.  I haven’t wanted to throw in a load of laundry because to fix the toilets they’ve had to turn on and off the water pump and I guarantee that the moment I throw in a load of laundry, he’ll call saying he’s on his way.  So…I sit here and wait.  Pregnant, hormonal, annoyed…and lo and behold…today is the first somewhat sunny day in Ireland in weeks!  I want to go out and take a long walk, but with my luck, I’ll be miles away and he’ll call saying he’s outside my door, and then I’ll miss him and have to spend another day waiting.  #$#%^&%$!#$!!!!!!!! (that’s me swearing out of utter frustration!!!!) 

I will call him again.  Don’t worry about that, but I’ve learned that the more you pester in Ireland…the longer it takes to get something done.  (Flashback to our month long wait to get our washing machine fixed.)  So, for now, I’m waiting.  Looking longingly out the window at the brisk, sunny day, cursing the day that my stupid, cheap, older version, toilet broke and trying to send out loving vibes to all Irish Plumbers to reverse my bad karma with the tradespeople of this Island.  Because if it comes from a loving place, you should get some love back right????  Please tell me that I’m right!?  Please oh please!


4 Responses to “Ireland, can FLUSH IT!!!”

  1. Debbie Says:

    As someone who not only harps on Ireland but usually makes huge sweeping negative generalizations about it, I will say Ireland sucks. I am really sorry that you have to deal with this annoyance while pregnant.

    You can use our washer if you need to-we are going to be in sunny customer service friendly California 🙂

  2. Lisa Says:

    “…I’ve learned that the more you pester in Ireland…the longer it takes to get something done.”

    OMG, an entire nation’s tradespeople who act just like my brother. Words cannot express how badly I feel for you right now.

  3. Sofia Says:

    And you can come over here if you need to take a shit:)
    That sucks….Cant believe you were still nice to the guy…you know with the extra hormones in your body you have the right to be mean!!!
    Good luck!

  4. Jo Jo Says:

    I think I will change my mantra of “Stupid Ireland” to “Ireland can flush it!” in your honor. It’s a lot funnier. Stupid Ireland. (Oh shoot, I can’t change it, it’s part of who I am!)

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