Oh Summer, where art thou…Summer?

August 10, 2008

Oh Ireland… I was just wondering, being from California and all…where is Summer?  Did it get lost?  Does it need directions?  Maybe it’s SATNAV is set for somewhere called Ireland, but it’s really supposed to have the Irish name typed in instead.  Kinda like when everyone keeps getting lost going to New Grange, when they should be typing in Bru Na Boinne.  I’m just trying to cut Summer some slack here.  See, me and Summer we have a thing.  I love it, and well, it loves to be around because it is loved. 

Ireland loves Summer.  I can feel it!  We just have to help start up a courtship.  Maybe if Ireland bought Summer something special.  Like chocolate.  NO, Summer would melt that.  Ummm…so that means a 99 ice cream is out of the question.  Hmmmm…flowers?  That’s okay, but Summer has tons of those.  I know…A KICK ASS BBQ!  Summer loves a good BBQ.  Ireland can invite summer to a KICK ASS IRISH BBQ!  Hot Dogs, Ribs, Burgers, and Beer lots and lots of Beer.  Ireland can totally handle that.  It’s a great way for Summer to meet people and mingle, and it’s easy prep and easy clean up.  Oh I feel the love already!!!

Now all we need is Summer to show up.

Sidenote:  Yes, I’ve gone a bit MAD.  See this is what happens when my life hasn’t been touched by any semblence of Summer…


2 Responses to “Oh Summer, where art thou…Summer?”

  1. debbie Says:

    Ireland hates summer-it would make things nice for its residents and why would it want to make things pleasant or easy. I will try to bring some consistent dry and sunny weather back with me.

  2. Seattle’s not so great on summer. Two weeks ago, I tried to take my boy to his first baseball game. It got rained out.

    Earlier this week, we had temperatures in the 80s. So one of my “Dad friends” (a friend I met because our kids are in school/activities together) came over yesterday so his son could have a play-date with my son and he was volunteering to help me put my barbecue together.

    See, my wife and my father chipped in to buy me a very nice barbecue for my first Fathers Day… three years ago… and I finally got around to putting it together yesterday.

    I had been marinating some tri-tip steaks with a soy, olive oil, and honey marinade (with a teaspoon of sesame oil thrown in for aromatic purposes) and I mixed up a burger patty mix that was 1/2 beef, 1/2 ground mild Italian sausage (with a couple of tablespoons of worcestershire sauce mixed in).

    We put the wheels on the base, put the walls on the base, put the door on, put the burners on, attached the side shelves, tested the igniter, got the propane tank installed, tested the burners, washed and prepped the grill racks.

    And just as we were putting the last rack on, prepping to wipe them down with a little oil and begin grilling, it started to rain. And it rained for the next… 15 minutes. It rained just long enough for us to put the cover over the grill and get the burgers going in a frying pan.

    The burgers, by the way, were awesome. All the fat and spice in the sausage let me cook them to a very anti-bacterial level of doneness without cooking the juiciness or flavor out of them.

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