Life, Lists and Horses…

June 15, 2008

I’ve been reading several blog posts over the past few months and one item that has stuck with me is this list that several of these bloggers have put up on their blog called, “Things I’d like to do before I Go.”  Maggie, from has hers listed on the side of her blog, and scratches things off that she’s accomplished.  She’s only accomplished 4 so far, but hey that’s pretty AWESOME in my book!  Her list started as 25 things, and then grew to 100.  I’ve wanted to start a list like this since I read about it, but I felt writing it down might make me feel overwhelmed.  Typical of me to feel that putting something in writing might make it too concrete.  I used to feel that way about journal writing as well.  I felt that if I put my feelings on paper, then they’d be out there, in a concrete way forcing me to deal with them or take responsiblity for them.  I’ve since overcome that fear, and I’ve found that when I do write in my journal, it’s a completely invigorating and freeing experience.  I just have to grasp that notion before I actually sit down to do it, or else the fear of commitment takes over and I shove my journal back into my bedside drawer. 

So today, I decided to attack the list, like Maggie did, 25 things at a time.  Here are my 25 things in no order of preference or desire, just whatever popped into my head…

1.       Go to New Zealand        

2.       Go to Australia

3.       Scuba Dive

4.       Hang Glide

5.       Take my family (once I have one…) to a Dude Ranch on Holiday

6.       See my husband ride a horse

7.       Surf again

8.       Read all of the Classics that I never read in High School

9.       Learn Photoshop and other Graphics programs on the computer

10.   Love my body and my weight

11.   Feel comfortable going completely grey

12.   Paint a picture and hang it in my home

13.   Own a vacation home

14.   Hold a Koala Bear

15.   Hold a baby Chimpanzee

16.   Own a dog or two

17.   Find my passion

18.   Go to Argentina

19.   Go back to Costa Rica

20.   Go to Egypt

21.   Learn how to wind surf

22.   Water-ski again

23.   Raise amazing well rounded children

24.   Take Pilates classes consistently

25.   Run a marathon

I recognize that some of these things are HUGE notions and may never be “fully” reached, but this list isn’t about that.  It’s about desire, hope, and the possibility of achieving at least some of the things on this list at some point in my lifetime.  I’ve re-read Maggie’s list and hers did start on a HUGE note, but then as she got further along, the ideas and notions became smaller and more attainable.  It’s not that these things are not attainable, I’m not seeking world domination, or a size zero figure, but some of them I realize are part of a life long process that I’ll probably be working on forever.  That’s okay with me.  As long as I keep them in my consciousness and acknowledge that they’re there to be worked on either, every day or even just once a month, that that’s fine with me. 

Right now, after creating this list the one I’m looking most forward to at the moment…is taking my family to a Dude Ranch some day.  When I was a kid this was my absolute favorite holiday we went on as a family before my parents divorced.  We have amazing pictures and home movies of my brother and I frolicking and playing in our jeans and cowboy boots, riding horses, and acting in skits that we created with the other kids on holiday at the ranch.  It was a very wholesome experience that I cannot wait to someday share with my future family.  Plus, my “Main Man” has never ridden a horse, so it will definitely add to the experience. 

So I encourage all of you to partake in the same task, to look at it not as something morbid, but as some something that opens your heart and mind to the possibilities of life and what you can attain.  I hope to start adding to my list, and also begin scratching some things off.  Who knows what the future holds…


3 Responses to “Life, Lists and Horses…”

  1. Greg Bulmash Says:

    Well, for #5… Hunewill Ranch is still operating. And if you can get your husband there, that should take care of #6.

    For #14, koalas are stinky and mean. You really should talk to some people who have held a koala. You might reconsider.

    Happy “soon to be a father’s day” to your hubby.

  2. Jo Jo Says:

    What a great idea. At the top of my list will be “make a list.” hehe! I will get on it…you’ve inspired me!

    What a fun vacation (you’re American…it’s called a VACATION!). I checked out the website your bro posted…reminds me of the Brady Bunch (quite pricy, though! But so fun. I am afraid of riding a horse! Should I put on my list, “Overcome fear of riding a horse?” Geesh, I have a lot of fears.)

    Happy 15th week.

  3. Tad Says:

    Great list, Ulfmash.

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