It happens to us all…

June 10, 2008


So you know when you’re moving quicker than the world around you and something happens to make you slow down?  It happened to me today. 

As of late, I’m typically not moving all that quickly because I just don’t have that much occupying my time, but today I had jam packed my morning trying to get stuff done.  As I headed back to my car, elated that I had accomplished my first task, and mind you…I accomplished it with flying colors…that’s when it happened.  I had placed my package in the trunk of my car, feeling good with myself, I opened my car door, and I don’t remember what happened next. I don’t know if I was just admiring the sunny day, or flipping my hair out of my face (which I often tend to do), but I looked down to get into my car and without even realizing it, I bashed my face into the top of my car door.  OW!!!!  After the shock of what I’d just done, I touched at the inside of my lip with my tongue feeling around for the developing fat lip and as I sat down into my car and looked into the mirror, I realized it was going to be much more than a fat lip.  I had blood dripping down my lip.  Thank god I remembered to put that portable Kleenex package into my purse, or else I’d be using my sleeve to lap up the pool of blood that was now leaking from my upper lip.  Especially because I am not a laundry maven and I’d have no idea how to get out a huge blood stain from my clothing.

So I sat.  I sat for a while, holding the Kleenex to my lip, contemplating what was next on my agenda or whether or not I should I just can it, go home feeling defeated and cry.  I looked at myself again in the mirror, looked at the addition to my once un-flawed upper lip and thought, ah…this was just a reminder. A concrete reminder from the world around to just…SLOW DOWN! 

Still holding the Kleenex to my lip, I took a deep breath, I put my sunglasses on, rolled down the windows and soaked in the beautiful ocean air, and then very slowly I pulled out of my parking spot, heading to my next destination.  And this time….I was a little bit more aware of the world around me, and a lot more aware of my presence within it.



3 Responses to “It happens to us all…”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Ow. Ow. Owowowowow!!!

    I’m going to sympathize from afar and not tell you about the last time I smacked myself in the face/side/leg.

  2. Debbie Says:

    OUCHIE!!! I think it is your car’s fault-it should anticipate your moves especially on days when you got lots of stuff to do.

    BTW a good way to address the laundry problem from blood-go shopping.

  3. Jill Says:

    I agree with Debbie blame it on the car. If it was me I would have scratched out my “to do list”, gone shopping to sooth the pain, and justified it by telling Jose I needed to buy clothes to take attention away from my fat lip. I hope you’re feeling better!

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