The nostalgia is thick, and I’m lovin it…

June 5, 2008

Does anyone remember who this guy is??? If you do, then hold onto your bolo tie and say it with me…”I’m going to see Howard Jones on the 28th!” Yes that’s right. He’s gonna be in Dublin, and I’m gonna be soaking up his sweet synthesizing beats very very soon!

I am so excited, I might even hairspray my bangs!


2 Responses to “The nostalgia is thick, and I’m lovin it…”

  1. Greg Bulmash Says:

    Well, if you’re going to see Howard Jones, then things can only get better. Just remember that this is in the future. Try to enjoy the here and now. The future will take care of itself somehow.

    All I’m saying is… don’t try to live your life in one day. You’ve got people who’d like to get to know you well.

    – G

  2. Jo Jo Says:

    Dude, I am so jealous. I got the TicketMaster Ireland email the other day and saw that and thought I’d love to see him. That was good stuff, man. Seriously! He’s still in my collection with my oldies, newies (how few new music there is in my collection) and with the Barney and Raffi stuff (Wheels on the Bus being the current fav). Have an amazing time!!!

    And your bro in funny — love the comment. Made me smile.

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