Umm…who doesn’t want a monkey?

June 4, 2008


One day when I was searching on YouTube, I came across this Japanese game show featuring Ah Bun and Ah Jim.  I don’t know which one is Jim and which one is Bun, and there’s no way in hell that I can decipher what the people on the game show are saying, but the footage of the chimp and his pet bull dog leaves me in stitches each and every time I watch it.  There are several entries on YouTube following Jim and Bun’s crazy antics, and they are all equally as enjoyable as the one I’ve posted. 

As a kid, I had a penchant for anything animal.  I wasn’t much into reptiles, but I could stand them.  I thought that I might even become a veterinarian because I had such a deep love for dogs.  I had the monthly subscription to dog fancy and I had pictures of dogs posted up all over every inch of my room that my Mother would allow.  Even after a nasty spill with a dog at the age of 6 where our neighbors dog almost bit my nose off, literally, I still just adored the creatures.  To this day, I wave at dogs that cross my path and blissfully ignore their owners.  Kinda like how other people wave at and engage with babies, I do that with dogs.   So, in the 70’s my parents had a huge record collection full of great music and my favorite record album sleeve was of Captain and Tenille.  When you opened up the album there was a huge picture of the Captain posing with their two bulldogs.  For some reason, from then on I wanted a bulldog like nobody’s business! 

To add to my animal loving fixation, the latchkey child in me was addicted to anything and everything that had to do with television.  Sunday mornings I was up at the crack of dawn, and if I could, I’d sit waiting with anticipation for the Little Rascals hour.  I loved the little Spanky, Porky and Buckwheat from the earlier versions, when they’d ride that deformed horse.  In one of the episodes, a little bitty chubby Spanky befriends a monkey and as I watched them interact, I couldn’t get over how cute, playful and loving that darn monkey was.  Since then I have wanted a monkey to add to my future pack of bulldogs. It was a childhood dream of mine.  Which leads me to, why I am in love with Ah Bun and Ah Jim…they’ve combined two of my childhood loves together in one crazy, Japanese game show, that I can’t understand, but I love nonetheless.  I hope you all giggle as much as I have at these two, and feel free to check out more episodes on YouTube.  They’re a side splitting good time!


2 Responses to “Umm…who doesn’t want a monkey?”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Well, okay, we’ll get you a chimp for your next birthday, but you’re responsible for changing its diapers.

  2. Jo Jo Says:

    Speaking of being a TV junkie, did you happen to catch the episode of Hogan Knows Best where they adopt a chimp? It was like having a baby…but worse!

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