June 28, 2008

Went online to check directions on how to get to the show tonight and this is what I found on the website…

“The promoters of the Howard Jones show, scheduled for 28th June at The Helix, regret to announce that the show has now been postponed to 2nd November 2008.

Howard, his management, the promoters and The Helix are all really looking forward to the show in November and regret any inconvenience caused.

WTF Howard?  I’m gonna cry!  I was so excited to see you!  I’ve been singing, “Like To Get to Know You Well” all damn morning!!  I’ll be 8 months pregnant by then and this is a standing room only show.  How’s that gonna work?  No sitting on “my Main Man’s” shoulders with a lighter during “No One is to Blame“!  I guess we’re just gonna have to wait and see how things go. 

Instead, I think “my Main Man” and I are going to go stuff our faces at the Hard Rock Cafe and eat gallons of Ranch dressing to make me feel better.  I need me some comfort food to heal my “Howard Jones inflicted” wound.


This morning when I was watching EuroNews, and I was struck by this story.

Here is a link that has a “no commentary” visual of what they found…

All I can say is…    them criminals are a crafty bunch!


I was recently emailing with my good friend from college and he informed me that his summer plans entailed traveling to a few different States in the US to see some much loved music festivals.  Back in 1999 this friend and I met in New Orleans with a few of his friends for my last trip ever to Jazz Fest.  He had never been, and I had been twice before and had been dying to go again.  It was a trip to remember, as all my trips to Jazz Fest have been, mostly because it was my last hurrah after graduate school as I ventured into my now career.  Sadly, I have never been back.  This isn’t for a lack of wanting, but as life and careers move forward, sometimes wants often take a back seat to needs.  I wanted to go back desperately, but I didn’t need to really…and ultimately my need to further myself in my career took the front seat.  There are a gazillion festivals over here and in the UK that I know I could garner the strength to go to, but in my opinion nothing compares to Jazz Fest. 

The thing that separates Jazz Fest from other festivals around the world is not only the music, but the people who attend.  Jazz Fest is for music lovers, and mainly people over the age of 25 attend.  Of course you do get your average college student there, looking for a Mardis Gras experience, but they’re not gonna find it.  Jazz Fest is music, music and food.  The Fest starts around 9 in the morning and it’s usually over every day at around 7.  Most people that attend are Jazz and music aficionados who are there for the music, the New Orleans hospitality, the great southern food and just a great day listening to iconic masters playing at an outdoor venue, hopefully in the sun.  There is of course alcohol served at the Fest, but rarely do you see someone passed out drunk in their own vomit, people just don’t want to squander away their experience in that way.  They appreciate the Fest that much! 

There are several stages with all sorts of music, and over the years musicians from mainstream bands have found that they love to be a part of the energy that is, Jazz Fest.  The mainstream music doesn’t deflect from the experience, it just enhances and adds to the overall energy.   One of my favorite places is the Gospel tent.  Gospel groups from all over the world perform hymns and songs from their beloved churches, sharing their joy and rapture with thousands of people dancing in the aisles.  It’s a sight to be seen for sure! It’s awesome to watch people lose themselves in the moment and get caught up in the pure rhythym of the gospel music and voices.  It’s truly AMAZING.  Some more difficult tents to get into, but are also worth every second of your time are the several Jazz tents and stages where masters sit and jam for hours.  People that you’ve only heard about come to play these tents.  It’s amazing when these icons get up together and jam, adding their own life experiences to their music in a way that can only be treasured in that very moment or that very second.  It’s seriously breathtaking.  There is so much to choose from, and your day can be as eclectic as you’d like it.  You can listen to Dixie land music, Gospel, Jazz, Mainstream Rock, you name it, there is a tent or a stage that will have it for you.  And unlike other music festivals, where you camp out, at Jazz Fest you get to go back to a nice hotel room, wash up, head out for a great dinner in New Orleans, and later you can go to a club and see the musicians from the day playing up close and personal.  Plus, it’s probably the cheapest entry ticket to a music festival you can find.  When I was going back in the 90’s it only cost 15 dollars a day to get into the Fest.  I know the price has gone up, but I don’t think it’s more than 30 dollars a day.  Since the devastation of Katrina, New Orleans has certainly had it’s difficulties, but they held Jazz Fest that year, and they have every year since.  It’s a mainstay that brings people together, just as music has for centuries and I can’t recommend it enough.

Now back to the list…That’s what is so fun about making this list.  It’s not about NEEDS, it’s about WANTS and DESIRES.  Those things we often deny ourselves because life and busy schedules get in the way.  Here is my 26-50…

26.       Go back to Jazz Fest in New Orleans again

27.       Go to Austin City Limits

28.       Write in my journal daily

29.       Learn how to give myself a good pedicure

30.       Take skiing lessons again

31.       Ski in Colorado

32.       Ski in Utah

33.       Learn how to snowboard

34.       Visit the East Coast in the Fall with my husband to see the changing of the leaves

35.   Learn how to knit

36.   Learn how to crochet

37.   Learn how to bake a kick-ass dessert

38.   Practice being mindful on a daily basis

39.   Work on being conscious of myself and the world around me on a daily basis (might be the same and mindfulness, but…I’m keeping them separate)

40.   Meditate

41.   Watch less Television (I’m working on this one for when the baby comes, I need serious help…)

42.   Go to Thailand with my Father and Step-mother

43.   Become more comfortable experimenting with color both in clothing and art

44.   Get Laser Hair Removal so I never have to get a bikini wax ever again!

45.   Get Laser Eye surgery (I’m ridiculously frightened of this one!)

46.   Understand and study Buddhism

47.   Better understand and study my own religion, Judaism

48.   Re-read Howard Zinn’s  A People’s History of the United States

49.   Make a list of classic films that I haven’t seen and then rent them

50.   Teach a university class as an adjunct professor

I’m Obsessed…

June 19, 2008

The wonders of moving to another country lie not only in the culture, but also in the television shows.  As I’ve stated several times within this blog, I was a latchkey child.  Meaning for me…TV is second to breathing!  I’ve worked very hard over the years at weening my dependence on the “Plasma God”, but it just doesn’t work.  I don’t even think that “Schick-like” tactics of forcing TV down my throat for hours and hours intertwined with shock therapy would dissuade me from seeking out my beloved best friend. I’m that hooked.

With this said, I love BBC Television and Channel 4!  This isn’t BBC America, it’s just good ol’ BBC regular viewing television.  I know it’s not Irish television, but we get it over here in Ireland, and I find that I’m constantly amazed at the array of interesting shows they have to offer on a weekly basis.  The documentaries are absolutely superb, and there are a slew of reality type shows that I MUST watch on a weekly basis.  A few of my favorites are, Embarrassing Illnesses, Freaky Eaters and Supersizers Go…

Embarrassing Illnesses is currently in re-runs right now, but it is my favorite show to date.  I’m typically a bit squeamish when it comes to medical shows, but this one is like no other.  It’s a show where 3 English medical specialists have set up a clinic for people who have ailments that they’ve been too embarrassed to seek attention for at their local GP.  So instead, “why not go on national television and share your embarrassment with the world?”  It’s amazing to me what these people are willing to expose!  Granted, they are seeking help for something that is truly bothering them and inhibits their quality of life, but seriously!!! It’s amazing!  They show breasts, penises, vaginas, rear-ends, you name it, they show it.  It’s educational, informative, absolutely disgusting, embarrassing and fascinating all in one swoop.   I’m in love!

The second show is Freaky Eaters.  This show is currently on hiatus as well, but again, FABULOUS!  The premise of the show is real life adults with food phobias come on the show and meet with a nutritionist and a behavior modification therapist to help them get over their phobia.  They have 8 weeks to begin a crash course in therapy and nutrition, and the show culminates with them cooking and eating a proper meal full of the foods that they feared.  It’s incredible to see the phobias that people have, the extent to which it impinges on their life, and the diets that many of these people have been living on for basically their entire lifetime.  There was the guy that had a fear of fruits and vegetables, he literally couldn’t even touch one. He broke out into a full out panic attack holding a mango!  AWESOME!  The woman who only ate burnt sausages and crisps, the woman who only ate white bread and crisps, etc.  They typically eat processed foods, and have very little fruit, proper protein and vegetable in their diet.  The fear that overcomes them is intense and the variety of therapeutic interventions fascinates me.  In America, I wouldn’t be able to incorporate the tactics that this guy uses, such as hang gliding, but they often work and his patience with the different people is just amazing.  The people are always successful in the end, although not completely triumphant, but the therapist in me is always rooting for them and I often finish watching the show amazed at their progress and feel satisfaction that there is one less “severely anxious” person in the world.

Finally, and my new favorite show is Supersizers Go…  This is my latest obsession.  This show follows the premise of Morgan Spurlock’s movie “Supersize Me.”  The show centers around an English food critic named Giles Coren and a female journalist, named Sue “something”.  For those of you who watch the F Word, Giles is sometimes featured on it, tasting Gordon Ramsey’s food and/or going on exploratory journeys of his own regarding food preparation, etc.  Each week, Giles and Sue immerse themselves in a particular time period, and try to live, eat and drink as they did within that particular period.  So far I’ve seen the early 19th century, the late 19th century, the 70’s and just this past Tuesday, the late 1500’s (Shakespeare’s Era).  They go to a physician at the beginning of the week to get weighed, and tested and to discuss the probabilities how the diet might effect their innards.  They only live in each time period for 7 days, but altogether it makes for great TV viewing.  They usually have a professional Michelin starred chef cooking up their meals. The chefs are able to cheat using modern cooking utensils and means, but they must use all the ingredients of the period and typically are preparing the food following a strict recipe from a cookbook from that time.  It’s disgusting the things that they cook up and eat.  Brains, testicles, tripe, full lambs heads, giant meat pies full of disgusting animal innards, etc.  The show makes sure to be chock full of food historians, general historians knowledgeable of the period, and they follow cookbooks and etiquette guides that were published during that time.  It’s just AWESOME!!!  I missed the first episode, so I’m hoping in typical English TV fashion they will re-run the show soon, but really it’s just great viewing on a Tuesday for now. Plus since it’s on the BBC, NO COMMERCIALS!  Love that! 

I know that there are a gazillion shows in the US that I have not caught up on and I have no idea what’s going on with them, but I’m thankful that I can still feed my nasty habit with the prime viewing of English Reality TV!  Now, if I can only adapt my take away food habit to love the take away food over here…now that’s gonna be tough! 

I’ve been reading several blog posts over the past few months and one item that has stuck with me is this list that several of these bloggers have put up on their blog called, “Things I’d like to do before I Go.”  Maggie, from has hers listed on the side of her blog, and scratches things off that she’s accomplished.  She’s only accomplished 4 so far, but hey that’s pretty AWESOME in my book!  Her list started as 25 things, and then grew to 100.  I’ve wanted to start a list like this since I read about it, but I felt writing it down might make me feel overwhelmed.  Typical of me to feel that putting something in writing might make it too concrete.  I used to feel that way about journal writing as well.  I felt that if I put my feelings on paper, then they’d be out there, in a concrete way forcing me to deal with them or take responsiblity for them.  I’ve since overcome that fear, and I’ve found that when I do write in my journal, it’s a completely invigorating and freeing experience.  I just have to grasp that notion before I actually sit down to do it, or else the fear of commitment takes over and I shove my journal back into my bedside drawer. 

So today, I decided to attack the list, like Maggie did, 25 things at a time.  Here are my 25 things in no order of preference or desire, just whatever popped into my head…

1.       Go to New Zealand        

2.       Go to Australia

3.       Scuba Dive

4.       Hang Glide

5.       Take my family (once I have one…) to a Dude Ranch on Holiday

6.       See my husband ride a horse

7.       Surf again

8.       Read all of the Classics that I never read in High School

9.       Learn Photoshop and other Graphics programs on the computer

10.   Love my body and my weight

11.   Feel comfortable going completely grey

12.   Paint a picture and hang it in my home

13.   Own a vacation home

14.   Hold a Koala Bear

15.   Hold a baby Chimpanzee

16.   Own a dog or two

17.   Find my passion

18.   Go to Argentina

19.   Go back to Costa Rica

20.   Go to Egypt

21.   Learn how to wind surf

22.   Water-ski again

23.   Raise amazing well rounded children

24.   Take Pilates classes consistently

25.   Run a marathon

I recognize that some of these things are HUGE notions and may never be “fully” reached, but this list isn’t about that.  It’s about desire, hope, and the possibility of achieving at least some of the things on this list at some point in my lifetime.  I’ve re-read Maggie’s list and hers did start on a HUGE note, but then as she got further along, the ideas and notions became smaller and more attainable.  It’s not that these things are not attainable, I’m not seeking world domination, or a size zero figure, but some of them I realize are part of a life long process that I’ll probably be working on forever.  That’s okay with me.  As long as I keep them in my consciousness and acknowledge that they’re there to be worked on either, every day or even just once a month, that that’s fine with me. 

Right now, after creating this list the one I’m looking most forward to at the moment…is taking my family to a Dude Ranch some day.  When I was a kid this was my absolute favorite holiday we went on as a family before my parents divorced.  We have amazing pictures and home movies of my brother and I frolicking and playing in our jeans and cowboy boots, riding horses, and acting in skits that we created with the other kids on holiday at the ranch.  It was a very wholesome experience that I cannot wait to someday share with my future family.  Plus, my “Main Man” has never ridden a horse, so it will definitely add to the experience. 

So I encourage all of you to partake in the same task, to look at it not as something morbid, but as some something that opens your heart and mind to the possibilities of life and what you can attain.  I hope to start adding to my list, and also begin scratching some things off.  Who knows what the future holds…

It happens to us all…

June 10, 2008


So you know when you’re moving quicker than the world around you and something happens to make you slow down?  It happened to me today. 

As of late, I’m typically not moving all that quickly because I just don’t have that much occupying my time, but today I had jam packed my morning trying to get stuff done.  As I headed back to my car, elated that I had accomplished my first task, and mind you…I accomplished it with flying colors…that’s when it happened.  I had placed my package in the trunk of my car, feeling good with myself, I opened my car door, and I don’t remember what happened next. I don’t know if I was just admiring the sunny day, or flipping my hair out of my face (which I often tend to do), but I looked down to get into my car and without even realizing it, I bashed my face into the top of my car door.  OW!!!!  After the shock of what I’d just done, I touched at the inside of my lip with my tongue feeling around for the developing fat lip and as I sat down into my car and looked into the mirror, I realized it was going to be much more than a fat lip.  I had blood dripping down my lip.  Thank god I remembered to put that portable Kleenex package into my purse, or else I’d be using my sleeve to lap up the pool of blood that was now leaking from my upper lip.  Especially because I am not a laundry maven and I’d have no idea how to get out a huge blood stain from my clothing.

So I sat.  I sat for a while, holding the Kleenex to my lip, contemplating what was next on my agenda or whether or not I should I just can it, go home feeling defeated and cry.  I looked at myself again in the mirror, looked at the addition to my once un-flawed upper lip and thought, ah…this was just a reminder. A concrete reminder from the world around to just…SLOW DOWN! 

Still holding the Kleenex to my lip, I took a deep breath, I put my sunglasses on, rolled down the windows and soaked in the beautiful ocean air, and then very slowly I pulled out of my parking spot, heading to my next destination.  And this time….I was a little bit more aware of the world around me, and a lot more aware of my presence within it.


Does anyone remember who this guy is??? If you do, then hold onto your bolo tie and say it with me…”I’m going to see Howard Jones on the 28th!” Yes that’s right. He’s gonna be in Dublin, and I’m gonna be soaking up his sweet synthesizing beats very very soon!

I am so excited, I might even hairspray my bangs!