Wisdom at the Marks & Spencers…

May 24, 2008

This past week has found me a bit home sick.  I’ve been craving food and restaurants from home, envisioning moving back to LA, thinking about the future house we intend to purchase, where we are going to live, etc.  I’ve even been parousing real estate websites to get a sense of what might be out there for us when we arrive all bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to buy.  Ultimately I’ve been thinking about what my life will look like when we leave this adventure, and I’ve been yearning for it to begin sooner rather than later. 

With this in the back of my mind, I set out to run some errands.  The weather lately in Ireland has been absolutely amazing.  Sunny, warm-ish, and really lovely.  Today the weather started turning more Irish, the sun was peaking through large patches of clouds, the temperature was a bit cooler than late, and it was windy, Irish windy.  It’s the kind of weather that those of us who live here know means, “bring an umbrella, just in case.”  While running my errands, I had a craving for some prepared foods from Marks & Spencers and after buying out their frozen food section, it was finally my turn at the checkout counter.  The checkout cashier was cheerful and chatty, and as I paid and packed up to leave, she looked me straight in the eye, signaled to the outside, and said with a smile, “Enjoy the sunshine!”  What Sunshine?, I thought to myself.  It was overcast and windy today, with small patches of sun.  This of course was the remnants of homesickness surfacing from the Ireland SUCKS compartment in my mind, so in response, rather than saying “thank you!”…I said, “yeah, and the WIND too!”  The checkout lady didn’t miss a beat!  She could’ve smirked at me and called me a sourpuss, she could’ve said anything, but what she did say in her perfect Irish accent, was this…”AH, it’ll help get ya to where you’re goin faster!”  

HOLY CRAP! She was the wisest checkout lady in the world!  My own personal Buddha behind the checkout counter.  What an awesome slap in the face and a complete jolt to the crevices of my mind that had been carrying the stored disdain I had today for all that was Irish.  She was absolutely right!  Immediately I thought to myself, TURN THAT FROWN UPSIDE DOWN STACIE!  With my newly inspired revelation, I wished her good day, and headed out into the sunshine…feeling a whole lot better about my surroundings, appreciative that I had my own personal “buddha behind the counter encounter” and I was ready to welcome the wind, allowing it to lovingly guide me to my next destination. 


3 Responses to “Wisdom at the Marks & Spencers…”

  1. Debbie Says:

    I think they come up with those sayings so they make themselves feel better about sideways rain, horrendous wind, and gloomy skies. I will say sucky Irish weather makes me appreciate the death heat of the San Fernando Valley-I too look forward to the day that my sweaty back can stick to the seats of my car as I putter down the 405 at 4 mph.

  2. Jo Jo Says:

    I’m with Debbie on this one.

  3. Lisa MB Says:

    I’ve been told Irish weather is similar to Seattle weathr, but I’m thinking it must be “vaguely similar”… we don’t get much wind (except from the politicians) and no one has the nerve to say “enjoy the sunshine” unless it’s going to be sunny for more than 15 minutes at a time.

    However, I did learn the Seattle name for when the sun appears for a few seconds here and there: “sun peeks.” I kid you not.

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