Gorgeous! Grand! Thanks a Million!!

May 6, 2008

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous, fabulous, sunny, LA type day in Dublin!  It was wonderful.  It was actually like that on Sunday as well, but my “Main Man” and I were a tad lazy and didn’t quite take advantage of this wonderful May weather.  So, on our Monday Bank Holiday, we decided to wake up early and get out of the house with the purpose of lazing in the sun.  We packed up a backpack with blankets and plenty of reading and headed off.  We did forget our sunscreen, and let me just say this…my right side is crispy and Ouchy!

Initially we thought we’d grab a picnic lunch in Blackrock and head out to Howth, but as we began driving there, a haze/fog like layering came over Dublin Bay and we literally couldn’t even see Howth from Blackrock.  Even on the darkest, gloomiest day in Ireland I can always see Howth.  So, we decided to head South and over to Powerscourt.  My “Main Man” was interested in seeing the Powerscourt Waterfalls, but we decided to grab a sandwich in Eniskerry and laze around the grounds of Powerscourt first.  Feeding our faces is always paramount and trumps hiking in nature any day!

What an amazing day!  We didn’t exactly make it into the grounds of Powerscourt, (no picnic lunches allowed in), but there is a huge patch of grass outside of the grounds that is perfect for picnic-ing and lazing around.  Plus, not making it into the grounds saved us 18 Euro, SNAP!  As it was, we were one of many who chose to do this, but thankfully we got there before the rush and found a perfect patch of grass that allowed us to people watch with a passion.  Our patch of grass was in the middle of a few Irish families, and one particular family that had a gathering of children, dogs and friends.  They were a bounty of people watching goodness!  Dogs that weren’t minding their owners, children that weren’t minding their parents, and parents that were enjoying the sun, some champagne and friends, and weren’t minding their children.  We watched in awe as one debacle unfolded after another and there were several times that we felt we might call the parent’s attention to the chaos that was going on around them, but we refrained fearing we would be considered nosey Americans.  So instead we just watched in amazement waiting for the parents to comment about what had just transpired, usually about 5 minutes too late. 

We sat there discussing our future children and how we intended to raise them.  How we’d do it differently.  How we would know better because of our accumulated experience working with children.  But, really when it all came down to it, we looked at eachother and thought…we might end up being just the same as the families we were standing in judgement of.  I’d like to say that I hope not, but after a long holiday weekend with the kids nipping at your heels, I’m sure a well deserved glass of champagne and some grown up time is just the ticket.  It’s the ticket that allows you to turn your head when you know that something just might happen because really what’s the worst that can happen on a sunny Bank Holiday Monday, on a flat patch of grass surrounded by hundreds of other families?  I say this trying to reconcile some empathy for those parents and to explain away behavior that both my “Main Man” and I found somewhat appalling. 

Really, we have no idea what a weekend day will look like for us in the future and we are still in the waiting game as far as the children are concerned.  We’re just hoping and praying that we can be so lucky to have a gaggle of children to ignore on a Sunny Day in Dublin, so really who are we to judge? We hope that we’ll behave differently, we hope that we’ll engage our kids in conversation and sport, and keep a close eye to make sure that they don’t trample someone else’s picnic area, but until we’ve reached that point…we really can’t say.  I know all young parents have this notion that they are going to do it differently, or better, and often compare and contrast their child rearing styles to one another, but when it comes to being a parent…you have no idea until you’ve been there yourself.  So in the end, what we walked away with was a sense of hope, a desire to try our best and we gave thanks to that family for the AWESOME people watching and allowing us to reflect so whole heartedly on what we’d like our future to look like and the kind of parents we can’t wait to become. 


2 Responses to “Gorgeous! Grand! Thanks a Million!!”

  1. Debbie Says:

    It was a great weekend and it is nice to hear about you guys taking advantage of it!

    I would like to send you and the main man a lot of baby vibes and good wishes for gummy grins, non minding moments, poopy pants, slightly less sleep, and happy times.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Oh, don’t worry. It’s amazing how bad your hearing becomes by the time your kids are old enough to get themselves in trouble. And how good your hearing is when they’re old enough to *plan* to get themselves in trouble.

    And yes, you will have lots of moments when you realize you’re That Parent in the Supermarket. But by that time, you’ll also probably be more willing to help out That Parent in the Supermarket when you see another one struggling to distract a whiny kid.

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