Valenshizzle my lovizzle…

February 15, 2008

Well, yesterday was Valentine’s day here in Ireland and my Main Man and I decided that from now on, Valentine’s day will be celebrated in our house by doing “something out of the ordinary”.  I reminded my “main squeeze” that in like 20 years that means we’ll be sky diving for Valentine’s day, but hey…isn’t facing death together the most romantic way to say I LOVE YOU?  At present, we decided to keep things small, and the out of the ordinary experience was…wait for it….meeting my lovely Man for lunch in the middle of a workday.  In all the time we’ve been here, and I haven’t been working, we’ve never officially met for lunch.  It was definitely something to look forward to, and something to break the monotany of his daily grueling grind.  So…meet we did.  Sadly, I’m now suffering from the world’s worst cold.  I feel like someone has attached feather covered clothespins to the innards of my nose.  That way they create blockage with a tickle. Not enough for a full sneeze, but just enough to make you want to bash your face against the pavement to stop the incessant discomfort.  (Sidenote:  I feel like this blog is “the trials and tribulations of my horrible health”, but damn…I can’t seem to catch a break.  I was the kid who never got sick!  I was the kid who purposely wet my hair and went outside on a cold day barefoot, in shorts and a tank top trying desperately to get sick so I could legitimately miss one test.  This whole sick thing doesn’t sit well with me, and well, it’s just f’n balls! BTW, stool sample was normal and in the end it took 2 weeks for the results.  Oh Ireland…) 

When I arrived at the restaurant my absolutely cutest sweetest Main Man was just ahead of me parking, and pulled out a dozen red roses for me.  Everyone in unison, Awwwwwwww.  I got stares, and even one lady stopped her car as we crossed the road to make the Awwww face at me.  It was sweet and unexpected, and they were absolutely beautiful.  I had to make room at the table for my enormous floral bounty, which was silly fun.  We had a very leisurely lunch and later the best guy ever picked up take away for dinner so I didn’t have to cook.  Ultimately I think he feared that  if I did, I might take the piping hot pan and bash it against my face to stop the incessant tickle in my nasal cavity.  Actually, it’s just because he’s the greatest guy ever, and he loves me a bunch, and takes wonderful care of me when I’m well, and especially when I’m sick.  I guess getting sick isn’t so bad now that I think of it…by the way, does anyone have some needle nose pliers they can loan me?  I promise I’ll wash them off before I return them.


3 Responses to “Valenshizzle my lovizzle…”

  1. Greg Bulmash Says:

    One word… Oxymetazoline. It’s the active ingredient in most 12-hour nasal sprays. Yes, with continued use, your body gets addicted and your nose goes nuts when you stop using it. But with periodic controlled use, it’s okay. If you limit yourself to a couple of squirts in each nostril at bedtime, you won’t have problems and you’ll sleep so well.

    I had a doctor recommend it when I had a sinus infection. Take it in combo with a dose of Sudafed and it’s like angels just sang.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Isn’t it scary how your brother knows that medication shit without even having to look it up? BTW, he sleeps well with that drug combo, but unless I fall asleep before he does, I don’t sleep so well. Because he snores loud enough for you to hear him in IRELAND.

  3. Tad Says:

    Get it? Needle NOSE pliers!?!? Get it? ‘Cuz you’re having problems with your nose.

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